Department of General Surgery, Radiation Medicine and Phthisiology

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General Surgery, Radiation Medicine and Phthisiology Department is an educational and research unit of the Doctors Training Faculty of Sumy State Medical Institute. The main task of the department is to train doctors on the principles of national and European medical standards. The department conducted training students in Ukrainian, Russian and English.


 Staff: 2 professors, 2 doсents, 3 assistants, 6 aspirants, 1 senior laboratory assistant, 2 laboratory, 4 PhD students

Scientific direction of the department:

• Methods of tuberculosis treatment optimization and other inflammatory diseases in environmental conditions.

• Improvement of tuberculosis surgical treatment.

• Diagnosis and treatment of pleura deseases (various origins of pleurisy, spontaneous pneumothorax).

• Treatment improving and diagnosis of combined injury (cranio-abdominal and cranio-thoracic injury).

Clinical bases:

Teaching "Surgery", "Sanitary practices" held at the Sumy Regional Hospital (SRH) - 700 beds (m. Sumy, st. Trinity, 48) in the surgical, neurosurgical, intensive care, burn, urological departments;

"Phthisiology" - Sumy Regional Antituberculosis dispensary - 220 beds: 3 therapeutic department, 1 surgical and 1 branch extrapulmonary tuberculosis (m. Sumy, str. Perekopskaya, 15):

"Radiology" – in a health clinic SMPO named to Frunze - 5 thousand visits per day (m. Sumy, str. Pratsi, 3); "Radiation Medicine" - Sumy Regional Clinical Oncology Center (str. Privokzalnaya , 31).

The course of emergency conditions is led by Professor. Y.V. Shkatula. Classes are held at the sanatorium-dispensary of Sumy State Medical Institute.