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Head of the department

Head of the department - Duzhiy Igor D. Professor, MD, Honored Doctor of Ukraine. More than 50 years of clinical work, a highest category surgeon.

Duzhiy Igor D. born at 02.04.1940, in the employees family in the city Bahmach of the Chernihiv region. He graduated from the 7 classes of secondary school №48. Medical School graduated in 1957 m. Sumy. In charge of health posts of villarge Tynytsya, Bakhmats district, Chernihiv region with a population of 9,000 inhabitants. Subordinate were two midwives with 25 years experience. In the hospital annually were born 120 kids. For three years 1 child died in the fifth month of life. In the first year of 01/01/1958, manually performed the allocation of child seats (droppings).

After three years of work entered the Kharkov Medical Institute, which he had graduated with honors in 1966. From the third year assistant urgent surgeon duty and had already started to operate appendicitis, hernia. On 01.08.1966, the intern enrolled in the surgical department of Sumy regional TB dispensary.

In the early 70s interested by postoperative bleeding and thrombotic complications syndrome and disseminated intravascular coagulation. One of the first doctors in the Soviet Union who proposed and implemented the prevention of these complications in operations on the lungs and pleura through the use heparin low doses at pre- intra- and postoperative period. On this occasion there were published more than 20 articles at scientific journals and independently written dissertations. When asked for searching relevant supervisor in Kyiv institutions, such was not found - no one was focusing on this issue. Then I turned in the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, received an invitation, but ... Where was the Leningrad ... That's all was over that time. In my monograph "Clinical Heparin Application " academician A.I. Gritsyuk quoted work of I.D. Duchiy in 1975. In terms of surgical department where Duzhiy I.D. worked as an intern "tied" the list of identical branches in Ukraine.

Since 1978, the department was headed by I. Duzhiy, who in the same year became dominant in the Three and never never left this place. Since the early 80s developed the problem of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of pleural diseases. Brought to life pleuroscopy during pleural effusion syndrome. Develops and improves methods of advanced lung tuberculosis conservative and surgical treatment. This is especially true to chemoresistant tuberculosis.

Igor Dmitriyevich Duzhiy remains strong advocate of combined pulmonary tuberculosis treatment in modern conditions, namely intrapleural and extrapleural thoracoplasty. Single Duzhiy I.D. is the author of five books, co-author - 1, co-author of 9 teaching aids, author (co-author) of 15 patents of Ukraine. Author of over 200 scientific articles. Author of more than 70 innovations. Prepared 5 candidates of medical sciences. Forthcoming for the 3 competitors protection.